6 Masturbation Tips For Woman in Safe and Satisfying Ways

6 Masturbation Tips For Woman in Safe and Satisfying Ways - CloverLeo

Masturbation in women according to the medical view is normal sexual activity and relatively safe if done in the right way. Ladies, to stay safe and also satisfying, you need to learn the correct women masturbation tips and techniques here.

Masturbation in women is generally done by touching and playing intimate areas, such as the clitoris and vagina. This area is a sensitive area for women that can arouse and bring sexual satisfaction when stimulated appropriately.

Apart from touching and playing with the clitoris and vagina by hand, masturbation in women can also be done by squeezing the breasts and playing with the nipples, or using sex toys.

Masturbation Tips for Women

As a first step, you need to first let go of all taboo feelings, shame, guilt, or any thoughts that make you uncomfortable masturbating.

Try to think more positively that masturbation is normal. Besides being able to bring pleasure, masturbation can also provide several benefits, such as relieving stress, improving mood, and promoting better sleep.

If necessary, plan when and how to masturbate. Make sure nothing will interfere with your time while doing it!

So that masturbation can feel more satisfying, here are some tips for doing masturbation that you can do:

1. Start in the shower

Comfortable and healthy masturbation needs to be done when the body is clean. To be more relaxed, you can try taking a bath while using aromatherapy. Apply soap to the body thoroughly, then start stimulating the breasts and intimate parts while bathing.

2. Do it in a comfortable place

After finishing the shower, you can continue the masturbation session to the bedroom accompanied by your favorite music. Lay down on the bed or sofa, then spread your legs apart and use a mirror to be able to see your intimate area.

Then, provide stimulation to the vaginal area and clitoris using a safe lubricant. If there is no lubricant, you can also use saliva.

3. Try pelvic muscle exercises

Try alternating between toning and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and enjoy the sensation. At the same time, try to insert a few fingers into the vagina and take turns stimulating the clitoris, breasts, nipples, or other sensitive body parts. Feel the sensation until it reaches a climax.

4. Perform masturbation in a relaxed and calm manner

Masturbation will feel more comfortable if it is done casually and not rushed. Perform stimulation while fantasizing sexually, for example imagining making love with your dream man or romantic places that you want to visit.

5. Imagine your sexual fantasies

You can also masturbate while watching movies or viewing erotic pictures. Not only that, doing masturbation while reading erotic novels may also increase women’s sexual satisfaction.

6. Vary with sex toys

If you are not satisfied with the stimulation by your fingers, you can use sexual assistants or sex toys, such as vibrators, ben wa balls, and dildos, or silicone penis to get a delicious sensation and sexual satisfaction.

To keep this masturbation session safe and avoid the risk of diseases, such as urinary tract infections, you need to maintain personal hygiene, ladies. Here are the tips:

  • Clean the body and intimate area before and after masturbation.
  • Wash your hands before and after masturbation.
  • If you want to use sex toys, make sure they are clean first. Wash sex toys before and after use. If the use of sex toys will move from one area to another, washing should also be done.
  • Do not share sex toys with other people. Should not use the same sex toys to stimulate the vagina and anus.

If done correctly, the average woman can reach orgasm in about 8-10 minutes while doing masturbation, especially with those masturbation tips above. Although masturbation is a normal and enjoyable sexual activity, it needs to be done gently so as not to cause pain or injury to the genitals.

If you need advice and masturbation tips for women or ways to achieve sexual satisfaction to get many benefits for your health, it’s advisable to consult a psychologist or doctor.

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