4 Things That Make Babies Refuse to Breastfeed 

4 Things That Make Babies Refuse to Breastfeed 

Your little one suddenly doesn’t want to breastfeed? Don’t be panicking and starting to think things, here. The phenomenon of a baby who initially likes to breastfeed but suddenly becomes reluctant to breastfeed is also known as a “nursing strike“.

Now, don’t rush to think that your little one doesn’t want breast milk anymore and decide to wean himself, Moms.

4 Things That Make Babies Refuse to Breastfeed

The phenomenon of a nursing strike or Babies Refuse to Breastfeed is common and not something new. What really makes a baby reluctant to breastfeed? Let’s see the explanation below

1. Being Unwell

Just like adults who lose their appetite when sick, babies can lose their appetite for breastfeeding when they are not feeling well. Discomfort caused by nasal congestion, earache, mouth sores, sore throat, or even teething can prevent your baby from breastfeeding.

2. Breastfeeding changes

Changes in milk supply, whether it’s getting less or too much or the flow is too heavy can cause a baby to stop breastfeeding. The changing taste of breastmilk due to the food the mother consumes can also make the baby refuse to breastfeed.

3. Stress and emotional distress

Babies can be stressed, you know, Moms. They can also feel if you are upset or under emotional stress. They can reflect on the emotions Moms are radiating in their refusal to breastfeed and become more cranky.

Trauma that occurs during the breastfeeding process, such as your angry screams or a loud shocking noise can also be things that prevent your baby from breastfeeding.

4. Change in habits

Moms new perfume or deodorant can also make the baby uncomfortable and refuse to breastfeed. Changes in an activity that cause babies to be separated often and become more breastfed can also make babies refuse to breastfeed.

So what to do when the baby is reluctant to breastfeed? Address things that cause your baby to be reluctant to breastfeed first and still offer to breastfeed without forcing them. Moms can try offering when the baby is half asleep or sleepy.

You can also try skin-to-skin contact throughout the day to reintroduce her mother’s warmth. Try breastfeeding in different positions and places. Don’t give up easily. If Moms are having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact the nearest lactation counselor.

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