18 Gift Ideas You Can Wrap Especially for Your Man

18 Gift Ideas You Can Wrap Especially for Your Man

Is your partner having a birthday soon? Are you two going to celebrate special annual moments like anniversaries or Christmas? To warm and enliven these special moments, usually, you will exchange gifts. So, what kind of gift should be given to your man?

Maybe he is not a picky person. He will still be happy, no matter what you give to him. But how if you give him anything he will be happy with, especially if you give him something he really likes?

18 Gift Ideas You Can Wrap Especially for Your Man

So, curious about what items are suitable and useful for him? Try to dig from his hobby. Based on this hobby, I will give you 18 gift suggestions that you can give to him. Let’s check it out!

1. For a man who likes outdoor activities, drinking bottles can be the most important item he needs

Drinking Bottles

There’s nothing wrong with you trying to give a drinking bottle. Not like kids, seriously. He will not refuse to bring the bottle of drink you gave him when traveling. Choose materials that are of good quality and most importantly: leak-proof.

Or you can also give a hot water-resistant drinking bottle. To make it even more romantic, you can write his name on the bottle with a waterproof marker “For you, My Lovely Man”. Guaranteed to be useful.

2. You can also give him something he always has to carry around: a wallet!

A Wallet

Wallets are items that he should not leave behind. A man really must have an identity, and all the identities he can keep in his wallet. This gift is very suitable to be given to your guy on a birthday or even an anniversary.

Because it is so often carried around, this one thing is one of his that gets worn the fastest. But not infrequently, your man will still be adamant about not changing his wallet. Now you can give him a choice with the new wallet of your choice.

Choose a size that is not too big so he can put it in the jeans pocket. Don’t forget, the design must be elegant and the materials used should not be an imitation.

3. If your man is a soccer fan, give this round ball a gift so that his enthusiasm for sports will burn


If he likes playing football, he will thank you if you give him the round ball. You won’t let him play only when another friend has the ball, right? Does he like playing futsal? Give me a futsal ball. Does he like playing basketball? Just give him the basketball.

Besides triggering him to be more diligent in exercising, this can also be evidence that you support him and his activities.

4. If he is a coffee lover, a simple coffeemaker is the right gift choice


A coffee lover’s paradise is when he can make delicious coffee on his own. One of the supporters is adequate equipment. There’s nothing wrong with trying to buy a gift for your man in the form of a coffeemaker so he can make his own coffee at home.

So he doesn’t just go to cafes to taste good coffee. The prices also vary. Interested? This tool has many types, from the simplest such as the French press or V60. Each tool will produce coffee with a different taste. Compare your options carefully.

5. Formal shoes like this are needed by all men. Yes, maybe they don’t wear it every day, but some events require them to wear formal shoes

Formal shoes

Formal shoes like this are a must-have item for all guys. Even no matter age or occupation, a man needs shoes like this at least once in his life. From school graduation, thesis trial, to an invitation, these shoes are clearly needed.

So, if your boyfriend doesn’t have any formal shoes yet or maybe it’s time to change, buy him a pair of dress shoes. The price can vary greatly and it suits your pocket.

6. The man must have a multipurpose folding knife, especially if you like outdoor activities

folding knife

This is not criminal support, you know? For men, a penknife is a practical and multi-use item. You can try giving a gift to your man in the form of this pocket knife.

There are various types, some are combined with scissors, bottle opener, some are with spoons and forks. The price offered depends on the number of combinations. This item will be very useful, while not being used for a crime.

7. If he’s too busy working or studying and needs entertainment, just give him the latest DVD games he’s been waiting for

DVD Games

For some men, games are an inseparable part of his life. Well, if you find him too tired and bored with his busy life, you can give him a gift for the latest DVD games. They will find their joy again if given the long-awaited games. However, you still control it because sometimes games are addictive for boys.

8. His favorite singer is on stage? This is the time you can surprise him by giving him concert tickets

Concert Tickets

Does he like Jazz music? Rock music? Pop music? Or jKT 48 playing in your city? You can also take this opportunity to give him a concert ticket gift for your man. You can also buy two tickets at once so you can watch both of them. This is guaranteed to be fun, and he will definitely feel “How do you know that so much?”

9. Hats, hats, hats: you can also give this one thing

Gift IdeasHats

Does he often wear a hat when he goes to campus? Or does he also like to wear hats to sports? You can give this thing to him. Give him the type of hat he likes, mountain hat, beanie hat, detective hat, or whatever hat he likes. You also have many price options and make sure the hat you give is following the character.

10. This rainy season, the perfect time to give him a waterproof jacket

Waterproff Jackets

Some types of men, especially those who ride motorbikes, cannot be separated from their jackets. Well, this rainy season is not uncommon suddenly it rains at will. And guys are sometimes lazy to stop for a moment to wear a raincoat.

You can pay attention to his health by giving him a waterproof jacket. So he can stay safe from the splash of water when he is lazy to use a raincoat. This gift is certainly suitable for boys during the rainy season. He will definitely be happy, with you!

11. You can also give the original jersey from his favorite sports team

The original jersey

The original jersey of the favorite team is the dream shirt of every football enthusiast. If you don’t have a jersey for your favorite team, you won’t be a fan yet. Before buying it, make sure you are not on the wrong team. Don’t let you even buy a jersey for the tough enemy of his favorite team!

12. A formal collared shirt can also be a gift option. If he already has a basic pattern, try giving him an elegant pattern like plaid

Collared shirt

Just like the previous formal shoes, guys might not immediately have the joy of getting a gift in the form of a shirt for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and so on. However, they will definitely be grateful someday.

Collared shirts like this will definitely be needed. So if they already have a basic color motif such as white or blue, you can choose classic motifs that are no less elegant like plaid.

13. If he likes traveling, a small bag is a very useful item for him

a small bag

Best when traveling using a small bag to store important items, such as cellphones, wallets, and tickets. There’s nothing wrong with you giving him this small bag to accompany him on his way. Lots of types and models are offered. You can choose the color according to the character.

14. For him to be more punctual, watches can be your solution


He often comes late? Instead of getting angry, you can take advantage of his birthday by giving him a watch. There’s nothing wrong with you starting to code to break his bad habit by giving him what he needs.

This gift is suitable for a man who often forgets about the time, either when he goes to work or at other times.

15. Belt can also be a gift choice for him


Maybe some guys tend to really rarely change their names like belts. Now you can dress it up to appear more confident with a cool buckle of your choice. Whether made from leather or synthetic, it really determines the price.

16. For him who already works in an office, why not give him an exclusive tie? For those who are still in school, they can also be cold, they can be stored until they are needed

exclusive tie

He is a young executive who works in an office? If every day he wears a tie, just give him the exclusive tie of your choice so that he appears more confident. Or even for boys who are still in school, a tie gift will not be wasted.

17. There is nothing wrong with you starting to be creative by making your own knit sweater

knit sweater

For you girls who are creative and can knit. You can take the time before his birthday to start knitting a sweater. It takes a long time, but it can show your diligence for him from each strand of thread.

If you don’t have much time, you can make a scarf that she can wear for her travel activities. Or you can also try knitting skullcaps and gloves. By giving gifts like for boys, he is guaranteed to be touched by you being able to do that.

18. Your own homemade chocolate?

Homemade Chocolate

Do you like cooking? There’s nothing wrong with you inviting him to taste your homemade dishes. Chocolate? Cake? Pancakes? Guaranteed he will like it. Which guy doesn’t like being bullied by his own partner? If you are not skilled enough, you can learn from recipes on the internet!

There are 18 gift ideas and recommendations that are suitable for your man. So, what kind of enlightenment do you want to give your partner a present? Mans sometimes prefer to be quiet and surrender to whatever is given to him.

So, we as girls should be more understanding about what he needs. Take it easy, choosing a gift that is useful for him is not a hard thing. Happy choosing!

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