16 Best Home Design Apps with Cool Features 

16 Best Home Design Apps with Cool Features 

 Best Home Design Apps 

It’s cool!! Now you don’t need to install bulky home design software on your computer. Simply by installing the best home design application with the following cool features, you can design your own dream house.

Besides being easy, you also don’t need a lot of money to use the services of an architect.

Interested? Just check out the 16 Best Home Design Apps with Cool Features that you must try below:

The most popular home design applications 2020

The application on our list includes several components. Like home sketch applications, interior design applications, garden design applications and some even have all these features. 

So, just choose the one that suits your needs.

1. Planner 5D

Best Home Design Apps: Planner 5D

So, home architects now don’t need pro tools. You can use the Planner 5D application to help with home design starting from 0!

Yaps, this best home design application provides 2D and 3D views. Also, there are various kinds of features provided, such as sofa choices, house shapes, and other home appliances!

The cool thing is, you can change the house design anytime you like with the Editor feature. After finishing the design, you can see the real image in the snapshot feature.

Planner 5D app full features:

  • Editor: Edit and View designs in 2D, 3D, and Virtually
  • Catalog modes: Add your favorite items such as sofas, stoves, beds, etc.
  • Snapshots: Draw your designs in virtual form
  • Gallery: A collection of project results from all the best Planner 5D users
  • Dual-mode: can be used online and offline
  • Support is open on all platforms
  • There are various languages ​​to choose from: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugal, Russia, China, and Japan

Also, the plan free Planner 5D includes:

  • Unlimited project
  • Catalog complete with more than 150
  • Synch items on all
  • Google Cardboard platforms and Virtual
  • Editor 2D and 3D modes
  • 5 Custom Texture and Texture catalog


2. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D

Who says making a house design has to be very difficult technically?

You can make a dream house design without being complicated, it doesn’t take long! Yaps, Home Design 3D – Freemium is the solution!

Besides the convenience and complete features, you are also facilitated by well-ordered steps.

First, you have to make a floor shape in the room.

If the floor is well arranged according to your wishes, now it remains only to complete it by installing furniture and home items. Adjust the size and location of the item yourself to your liking in the editor feature.

The cool thing is, you can immediately see the results of your creations in making home designs. In fact, complete with outdoor views and your virtual neighbors!

Home Design 3D full features:

  • Floor layout design complete with 2D and 3D visualization
  • Love interior and outdoor decoration
  • Choose your items from the library
  • Edit the size and place of items as desired
  • Copy and paste items at will
  • Eyedropper feature
  • Direct visualization
  • Social sharing
  • Import & Export results


3. Room Creator Interior Design

Room Creator Interior Design

You could say Room Creator Interior Design is one of the best interior design apps. You can try using this application first before you buy real furniture!

You can start your design from 0 to complete it only takes 10 minutes! This application provides various items according to the room you choose. Starting from the kitchen, living room, family room, even the office!

Not only that, but you can also see the results in 3D format. Explore all the rooms that you created earlier and see which ones are still missing.

Room Creator Interior Design full features:

  • Complete items
  • Many choices of room items
  • 3D virtual view
  • Positioning and item size
  • Social sharing
  • Download Room Creator Interior Design via Play Store


4. Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

Room Planner

One of the features we like most about this Best Home Design Apps is its collaboration with IKEA.

You know for yourself that IKEA is very popular because of its furniture products. Not only are they affordable and super cheap, but IKEA also offers an impressive self-service experience!

The cool thing is, you don’t have to come directly to IKEA to see suitable products. Enough of this cool application, you can select the items that you want.

The household items in this home interior design application are based directly on products sold at IKEA.

Plus, the simple and familiar interface or appearance of this application makes it easy for you to operate.

You can also see the results immediately with the bird view method!

Unfortunately, this application has a size that is quite large, which is around 400 MB. So, make sure to use the best Smartphone that you have. 

Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D full features:

  • Can be used offline and online
  • Many 3D Visualization items


5. Virtual Plan 3D

Virtual Plan 3D

Do you like to play Pokemon Go?

This 3D Virtual Plan application works the same way as Pokemon Go! Yes, the sketch that you have made can be printed out immediately and the results can be seen in 3D with your smartphone camera.

No wonder this application is equipped with AR or Augmented Reality technology. So, the angle of the collection can be moved from various places.

Interested? Let’s just try it this best home design apps.


6. Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden

Now is the time to practice your creations in house sketches with Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden. Not only does it provide interior options, but this application also has more than 100 super charming outdoor items.

You are free to add a pool, garden, and other helpful items. The cool thing is, the interface design is also very intuitive, so you will never have trouble again, anyway!

Plus, you can take advantage of 2D or 3D technology too!

Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden full features:

  • Easy interface
  • There are lots of outdoor items
  • 3D and 2D visualization features
  • More than 100 outdoor design items
  • Cancel or Undo


7. Palette Home

Don’t be confused if you want to decorate your house. Just use the Palette Home application, you can make a home decoration as you wish!

Starting from changing the color of the wall paint, adding furniture, to adjusting the position of existing items.

The cool thing is, this design feature is as easy as playing a game! Plus, the 3D visualization is immersed which makes the home design experience even more fun!

So, no need to doubt the quality of this interior design app!

Palette Home full features:

  • Easy Interface
  • Many features
  • Connectable to laptops and PCs


8. Kitchen Planner 3D

Kitchen Planner 3D

Like its name, this application is specifically for making the kitchen design of your dreams!

You are free to put any item, any wall paint color, and rearrange the position of the default items. Not only that, but you are also equipped with features to change the design of the ceiling and floor!

Unfortunately, the free version of this application can only create designs. Meanwhile, if you want to save your design, you have to upgrade to the pro version.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy other cool features such as undo, save, and resize images.

Kitchen Planner 3D full features:

  • Layout items
  • Select ceiling and floor models
  • Undo, resize, and save
  • Export and Import results


9. Home Advisor

Home Advisor

Are you sure you can design your own house?

If you can’t, why don’t you just ask for advice from an expert? Don’t bother, just use the Home Advisor application!

The cool thing is, this application provides several home experts that you can video call directly! Show them the part of your house that you want to renovate, they will have an idea of ​​how to renovate the most appropriate.

In addition, they will also give you an overview of the design and the estimated cost of renovating it!

Really good right?

Home Advisor full features:

  • Contractor finder – to find and select the best contractor
  • Home Improvement Planner – to give you an overview of home renovation plans
  • Various Home Services


10. Design Home

Design Home

No less than other applications, Design Home is one of the best home design apps that also offers complete design features.

It’s time to compete with your friends to achieve the best dream design! You can freely design your living room, bedroom, or kitchen!

Don’t have inspiration?

Just calm down! This best home design application also has a catalog with complete and charming images of various styles and styles. So, don’t bother looking for inspiration.

11. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

You could say this application is unique! Different from other applications, you can’t design a house from scratch!

This application focuses on providing existing home designs. So, you just have to look at the selected house design, then just start designing on paper or other applications.

The cool thing is, this application is also equipped with various furniture complete at the same price! So if you’ve found something cool, you just need to use the social sharing feature, okay?

Registration is also easy. You can use an email account or even Facebook!

Interested? Let’s try it now!


12. Homestyler – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

Homestyler – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

Honestly, we were confused about this app. This app has a complete image catalogs but on the other hand, this application can also be used for design.

If you’ve found the right corner of the room, just stick to your favorite items. Slide until you find the best position, you can also change the color of the wall paint!

Don’t have a photo of your room? Just calm down! There are lots of pre-made photo options that have been provided. E.g, like the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and so on!

The cool thing is, you can see the models and items in this application in 3D! So what are you waiting for? Just register using your Google or Facebook account, enjoy all these features!


13. Magic Plan

Magic Plan

Want to renovate your house?

No need to immediately call a builder or contractor. Just use the MagicPlan app, you can measure all the area of ​​the room as well as the cost estimation needed!

The cool thing is, this application can combine all the rooms in the house. Also, you can export the results directly to PDF, SVG, and XLS formats and the 3D format versions.

This cool home design application is complete with helpful AR technology! So let’s download and try it now!


14. Homify – Home Design

Homify – Home Design

Is it really difficult to find home renovation and design ideas?

Try downloading the best home design apps called Homify on your smartphone! There are lots of photos of super cool home designs with the same layout as Pinterest.

The cool thing is, this application is directly connected to the owner of the photo uploaded in the gallery! So, if you’ve found a good photo, you just have to contact the owner of the photo and negotiate the process.

Not only that, but you can also hire experts or pros near your residence to do the renovation!. So, you can hire experts from anywhere you are.


15. Dekoruma: Interior & Decoration


This app is perfect if you want to finish renovating and decorating your house. All you have to do is choose your favorite item and place it where you have chosen!

You can use decorum as inspiration in choosing home items. You see, this application is equipped with a gallery consisting of various kinds of photos.

If it matches the item you choose, just contact the owner of the item and negotiate. To make it easier, this application can be supplied directly from IKEA, Informa, JYSK, and King Rabbit.


16. Photo Measures

Photo Measures

Who says measuring a house has to use manual meters and expensive tools?

The Photo Measures application will help those of you who don’t want to be complicated using the meter! This application is also equipped with a sophisticated technology system that will give you precise measurement results!

The cool thing is, this application also provides complete furniture according to your needs!

Completely, the features of this application include:

  • Measure automatically and precisely
  • Zoom in and Zoom out for added accuracy.
  • System angle
  • Export to PNG and PDF

Unfortunately, this application is not free! You need to pay USD 3 to get this cool application.

There are 16 recommendations for the best home design apps by CloverLeo. Have you found the best application that suits you?

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