14 Steps + 1 Secret Trick To Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020

 15 Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers 

Matter for YouTubers! Here’s how to get more YouTube subscribers in 2020.

It can’t be denied that YouTube subscribers have a big role in your income source if you want to become a Youtuber!

Because the fact is, YouTube won’t pay you just from the number of views you get from all videos. But, you will get paid if you can get high interaction or engagement.

Now, this YouTube engagement is obtained when your subscribers or viewers see Youtube’s ad for more than 30 seconds or don’t skip the ad at all.

This means, if you wanna get a lot of income from YouTube, you must know how to get more YouTube subscribers for your channel.

How are the safe, effective, and proven steps to get more subscribers in 2020? Let’s check it out!

How to Add YouTube Subscriber 2020

Uploading videos on YouTube isn’t enough to get subscribers. There are lots of elements that must be optimized so that your channel and videos can attract viewers’ attention and eventually they wanna subscribe to it.

YouTube Channel Optimization

1. Use Unique Icons

Use Unique Icons to Get More Youtube Subscribers

Your YouTube channel icon will appear anywhere. Starting from the channel itself, the description, the playlist, to the search.

You could say that the channel icon has a role like a custom thumbnail that represents all the elements on your channel. This is the reason why icons are so important!

So if you want to do personal branding, use high-resolution icons. Because a brand logo is the best icon if you want to focus on developing business branding.

Tips: Most business brands use circular logos with precise dimensions. Meanwhile, personal branding accounts expose more personal photos by displaying their focus or niche.

2.  YouTube Channel Descriptions

YouTube Channel Description

You need to know, the YouTube channel description has a really big role in the development of your channel. Especially if you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

Unfortunately, there are so many YouTube channels that just write descriptions carelessly. So, you can’t get a lot of YouTube subscribers if your description is perfunctory.

So here’s the secret to writing channel descriptions so you can rank up and quickly get popular on YouTube:

  • Write about what your channel is about.
  • Give important information on the channel, such as the schedule for uploading content, and so on.
  • Also, insert a strong CTA and persuade viewers to be interested in subscribing


3. Channel Tag Line

Use Channel Tagline to Get More Youtube Subscribers

Most of the YouTubers don’t do anything to stay up to date! They don’t care about their YouTube channel ranking.

Even if the channel ranking continues to grow, of course, the number of subscribers and views will increase, right?

You see, YouTube uses an algorithm to assess the number of interactions. If the number of interactions is big, the YouTube algorithm will automatically make your channel on the list of recommended videos!

The cool thing is, you don’t have to use strategies from MBA to increase the position of your YouTube channel! Just do the 3 processes of determining the tagline, your ranking or channel ranking is auto boosting!

Determine one unique thing that is on your YouTube channel!

So, just choose one type of field or niche that you want to develop. Whether it’s a natural diet program, online course classes, or even a special meme channel!

Paste that focus on your YouTube channel with descriptions of the most searched keywords. For example; Diet Program for Losing 5 KG in 30 Days! and so forth.

Put Tagline on Channel Art

This way, viewers will immediately know what your focus is even if you don’t read the description. This method is very effective because the typical netizens who prefer to see images rather than read text.

Enter the Tagline in the Trailer

Don’t just make videos, also give the subtitles with your niche keywords or keywords.


4. Channel Trailer

Make Channel Trailer to Add More YouTube Subscribers

The next step to add more YouTuber subscribers is to create a channel trailer. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to these aspects and elements.

To make a channel trailer that really attracts the viewer attention, you can do these 3 steps:

  • Hit the niche keyword in the first 3 seconds.
  • Make a trailer with a maximum duration of 60 seconds because YouTube itself has drooled about this trick.
  • Collect your best shots from each video and put them together in the trailer

Overall, the YouTube channel trailer video has to be short, concise, and clear. Make sure that viewers know what you discuss in each video from just that 1 video trailer.

The clearer and more interesting the video is, the more subscribers will stick to your channel.


5. Make Playlist

Make Playlist

At first glance, no one pays attention to the playlist. Playlists also have a lot of contributions if you wanna get more YouTube subscribers!

So when making video playlists, don’t use them in order by topic. Instead, you should try to make a playlist with a major focus on outcomes.

The reason is that viewers are more interested in videos that immediately present the results, not just storytelling. So, try also to give the title based on the results. For example: How to Make Girls Falling in Love in 2 Dating!

The title is more interesting when compared to ‘How to Make Girls Falling in Love’. Even though both have an attractive outcome for girls, the duration and certainty can attract the awareness of viewers.

If it’s stuck, you are forced to use topics for sorting playlists. For examples of videos that have no outcome are pranks, vlogs, memes, react, and reviews. Got it?


Increase YouTube Subscribers with Video Optimization

6. Video Duration

Youtube Video Duration

According to research data, one of the factors that most determine the development of YouTube subscribers is the video’s duration.

The longer the video, the more engagement or interaction you get. But don’t be too long, because the viewers will be bored with your video.

At least, the most effective videos have a duration of between 10 – 15 minutes. Of course, make sure each sequence or part of your video connects everything.

This is where you just feel that the video requires careful planning to reach that duration. It’s fine for videos that focus on the compilation, but other video genres certainly need this planning.


7. YouTube Channel Quality

Youtube Channel Quality

From an old viewpoint, the more often you upload videos, the faster your YouTube channel will rank up.

In fact, from several case studies that theory, the number of viewers is really small. They consider it spamming and are unwilling to hit the subscribe button.

This means that instead of focusing on quantity, it’s better to just focus on quality. Because if the quality of your video can meet the subscribers’ and viewers’ expectations, they will surely be waiting for your next video.

If that happens, your subscribers will definitely increase automatically! Not only that. Your watch-time will also go up!

Of course, your income will increase a lot too if this happens!


8. Inbound Link Video

Inbound Link Video

The rules are like this: The more often users see your videos, the more likely they will become your subscribers.

So, one of the proven ways to increase YouTube subscribers is to promote another video at the end of your video.

The condition is, don’t just put the video on the screen at the end of the video. Make sure that each video that you promote contains at least the first 10 seconds. So viewers can already guess and know the content of the video that you are promoting.

It’s a bit complicated. The problem is you have to prepare the end screen with a design that has been measured previously from the related video on YouTube.

But it doesn’t matter if the result is you can get more loyal subscribers!


9. Use Subscribe Button

Use Subscribe Button

Have you ever seen the subscribe button in the lower right corner of a YouTube video? You can also make this a way to add YouTube subscribers and of course it’s safe.

Most creative channels turn it into their channel icon. But the results aren’t satisfying because most users think of it as a branding image.

They better understand what this means if you just use the original YouTube subscribe button. In fact, Brian Dean’s YouTube channel subscriber also drastically increased by 78% after this strategy was implemented.

In essence, it’s okay to be creative. As long as your viewer knows and understands what you mean to use that video element! Especially if your target is netizens who like to get to the point in seeing things.


10. Watch time

Youtube Watch time

This the next step to get more YouTube subscribers that you need to know, Watch time is the biggest metric in determining your interactions or engagements and your income.

Not even just YouTube SE O factors, watchtime is also very important in increasing your video to the homepage. So, if you have a lot of watchtime, the easier it is for you to enter the homepage and get promoted on the YouTube sidebar.

The question is, how do you get retention or watchtime with a long duration?

The original pure video factor isn’t enough! So, another alternative way is the interrupt pattern. This means that you have to insert several scenes that become ice breakers as well as increase the appeal of the viewer.

If you are still confused, you can insert these elements in your video:

  • Graphics
  • Jokes
  • Jump cut scenes
  • or flashbacks to videos that you have made before

Our advice is to make comparisons about the combination of the interrupt pattern in each video. That way, your subscribers and viewers won’t be bored!


11. CTA Video

Get more YouTube subscribers from CTA video

Get more YouTube subscribers from CTA video make lots of people say that they are still confused about the purpose of the video they saw. It depends on the niche too.

If you sell e-courses, of course, you hope your viewers or subscribers will register on the e-course. It’s different if your YouTube channel only contains funny videos.

So, it’s really important to set goals before making a video. If your goal is solely to add YouTube subscribers, make sure your video represents what your viewers expect.

To make it clearer, just say to subscribe to your YouTube channel at the end of all videos. If not, they will skip over to another video.


12. Share to other Social Media

Get more YouTube subscribers from Other Social Media

Don’t hesitate to share your videos and Get more YouTube subscribers from Social Media other than YouTube. You see, social media users can’t focus on all social media with the same share.

Some are active on Instagram but not on YouTube. Some like to play Facebook but have never watched YouTube. So, their nets are all on social media.

We do need more effort. But at least, you can increase the number of audiences and drive more traffic to YouTube.

Since the goal is only to drive traffic, the most effective strategy you can do is use trailers. Just a short video that represents all the essence of the video on YouTube is suitable for you to share on several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even WhatsApp Status.

Don’t forget, give a cool caption too so it’s clearer and more interactive.


13. Embed to Blog Post

Embed to Blog Post

The following ways to add YouTube subscribers are also effective, but not all YouTubers have done it.

Internet users are not only on social media. Some are very active in opening blogs to add more their information. That is the reason why now there are so many bloggers with various niches.

So, there’s nothing wrong if you also get traffic from internet users who like to hang out on blogs. Now there are tons of free blogging platforms that you can use.

The cool thing is, your YouTube channel will get strong backlinks from your blog! This means that the channel will rank faster.

Remember! YouTube is one of Google’s platforms. So, the higher your ranking on Google via SEO, the higher your YouTube ranking will be.

The challenge is, this is of course tough for those of you who don’t like to write. You see, writing is also difficult if you aren’t used to it.


14. The Relationship to Subscriber

The Relationship to Subscriber

Again, your goal to play on YouTube is none other than to increase your subscribers so that your views, watchtime, and income will increase. Right?

So, keep your relationship with subscribers so they don’t just disappear. One way is to interact via comments on your channel.

Even small interactions like in the comments already have tremendous power. This is why there are even YouTubers who deliberately make videos specifically to read comments on their videos.

They will be happy and loyal to you. So, don’t be surprised if they will invite their friends and channels to subscribe to your channel.


15. Give the Subscribe Link to Channel Art

Give the Subscribe Link to Channel Art

Don’t tell anyone! This is the most effective way to get YouTube users’ attention and get them to subscribe.

Most YouTubers don’t use the link on Channel Art for a special subscribe button.

So here’s how. You must create a subscribe link first. Then, add the link to Channel Art, and don’t forget to give a good title.

Finally, just look at the development of your subscribers, and don’t be surprised if the number of subscribers will increase dramatically!

It turns out that there are tons of ways to safely add more YouTube subscribers. Make sure you try all these methods well.

So that is 15 ways to get more YouTube subscribers that you should know. You can’t immediately see the results in a day or 2 days. But at least, you can see the development of your subscriber count from time to time.

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