11 Best Free Web Proxies: Easy Ways to Access Blocked Sites

11 Best Free Web Proxies

 11 Best Free Web Proxies 

Hide your online identity with this best free web proxy!

It is undeniable that online data is really important. If there are people who managed to penetrate your data and sell it, it would be very dangerous!

In fact, they can get this data very easily. Just use email or cookies, the data connected to your browser can be detected.

That is why there are many cases of teenage abductions from online sites. So, now is the right time to start securing your data!

Fortunately, we will give you a web proxy recommendation that is truly safe and not a scam!

Like we said before, this web proxy will protect your data while you are online, and this website doesn’t need super complicated settings.

So, you don’t need to set the web browser configuration again using HTTP or SOCKS. Just enter the URL in the column already provided, all right away!

How Web Proxy Works

For those of you who have never known anything about Web Proxy, we will explain a little how it works.

So, your data or privacy will be protected by hiding public IP or Internet Protocol issued by the Internet provider.

The system used is the router traffic from the server and public address.

So, you can open any content, even content that is blocked by your country! The existence of blocked content is nothing but because of content restrictions in a country only.

For example, you won’t be able to open content specifically for netizens in Canada from US. So, this proxy will borrow a Canadian IP so you can open the content.

Web Proxy vs VPN

Maybe most people think that this web proxy is the same as VPN or Virtual Private Network. The way it works is very different!

Web Proxy is more limited than VPN. You see, web proxies can only work in browsers that use web proxies.

Meanwhile, a VPN can be set on all devices that use this VPN. Examples like laptops, software, smartphones, and so forth.

The cool thing is, some VPNs will directly connect to PC activity when the PC is first turned on. But the web proxy isn’t as complicated as that VPN.

Already know a little about web proxy? Now we go straight to the list of 11 Best Free Web Proxies to Access Blocked Sites:

1. ProxySite


This one name is already very popular among proxy users. The thing is, not only the browser that you can use, but the YouTube site can also!

In addition, you can also open other social media without having to type the URL. Just click the button above the entry column, everything’s OK!

On this website, you can choose a proxy server from America or Europe. With this proxy, you can also control scripts, cookies, objects, and even advertising blocks on a site.

That’s not all, you can also change and adjust the place where you use this proxy at any time! So, no one will be able to block you anymore!

ProxySite’s full features:

  • Unblock certain sites
  • Unblock YouTube
  • Unblock Proxy
  • Unblock Video

Try ProxySite for Free here


2. Hide My Ass!

Hide My Ass

This is a whiz for beginner internet users to browse without fear of limitations!

Yaps, this web works very well as long as you fulfill 2 important requirements, namely browsing at low speed and using a web browser. So, this website won’t work if you target for playing games, streaming, or even URL encryption.

The way it works is also very easy and very simple.

First, select the destination country. Continue to select the Standard connection type in the connection speed options, finally enter the URL you want to visit.

Apart from that, this cool web also has a list of popular servers. Examples like HTTPS, HTTPS, and SOCK 4 or 5 and all for free!

Hide My Ass full features:

  • Support all devices in one subscription
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Smart Kill Switch
  • Split Tunnel
  • IP Shuffle
  • Leak Protection

Try Hide My Ass! Free here


3. KProxy


The unique thing we like most about KProxy is that you can hide the menu bar at the top of the screen. Different from others who stick to this menu bar without the hide option.

Not only that, but this one web proxy also provides features to move to 10 different servers if your IP has been blocked. So, connect to a different server, the connection will be smooth again!

This website also provides applications that you can install. Then, this application will give you anonymous browsing access to all browsers on your laptop or cellphone. Really cool right?

So, the way this KProxy works is almost exactly like a VPN. Only the difference, KProxy can only be used limited to the browser.

KProxy full features:

  • 100% successful for all sites
  • All connections
  • Use on Android
  • Free

Try KProxy for Free here


4. ExpressVPN


Finally, the best-paid web proxy that we recommend is ExpressVPN. In addition to many features, this one web also has a high speed, safe, and reliability.

First, you will be able to access all content on the web that is blocked in this country. Not just a page, you are also free to access video, music, and social media from all over the world.

Secondly, this website guarantees data security and complete IP with URL encryption. So, no one will ever know what you are doing while on the internet.

Cool, this web can also be used on all devices with just one subscription. So, you are free to use devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, routers, and many others.

ExpressVPN full features:

  • 160 international servers
  • Masking IP
  • Support all device
  • Any content on social media
  • 24-hours online support

Try ExpressVPN here


5. Surfshark


who said web proxy loses to VPN? Surfshark proves it with the most complete services and features for masking matters. The main feature that we like the most from this website is Whitelister, which is that you can free transactions via mobile banking.

Don’t worry, this website is equipped with AES-256-GCM encryption. That is, the safety of surfing and browsing can not be doubted anymore!

In fact, this website also has a Camouflage feature, where your internet provider will never know if you are using a proxy and VPN. So, your privacy will be fully maintained.

So, let’s just look at the full features of this Surfshark!

  • Strict-no log policy
  • Kill Switch
  • Private DNS dan Leak Protection
  • Fashion Camouflage
  • Multi-Hop
  • No Border Mode
  • Encryption
  • High-level security protocol

Try Surfshark here


6. Hidester


No less the same as the first option before, Hidester also has cool features that you must try! This proxy is equipped with SSL protection that will protect you from attacks from dirty scripts from the web.

Just like ProxySite, you can also select all proxies from America or Europe before browsing. Besides, there are also several advantages of Hydesters that make you super comfortable, including:

  • Option to choose URL encryption
  • Prohibit or allow cookies
  • Accept or reject the Script
  • Remove objects when surfing

There are also features for changing browser flow. So, it seems like you are using several browsers to open that particular website.

If you want it to be even safer, just delete the cookies you’ve been to. Not to forget, there is also a password generator that will give you double protection.

Want full access and select options from all servers around the world? You can directly use the paid one.

Hidester full features:

  • Multi-platform
  • Quick & Advanced Mode
  • Flexible interface
  • Kill Switch
  • Protokol
  • Instant Connection

Try Hydrogen for Free here


7. VPNBook


If you really care about the appearance, VPNBook is suitable for you. You see, the interface is easy to understand and looks much neater than the others.

Even cool, this VPNBook also supports HTTPS settings. Coupled with the 256-bit security encryption feature, your privacy is guaranteed to be maintained.

Complete, you can use servers from the US, Canada, and Europe. Cool, this application also gives you the convenience to surf simply by typing keywords in the search bar.

Unfortunately, you don’t have special access to reject and use cookies or block scripts with other proxy support.

VPNB full features :

  • Stronger encryption
  • No bandwidth limit
  • CDN Fallback
  • 100% anonymous

Try VPNBook for Free here 


8. Hide.me


Hide.me is also one of the best proxy web servers in its class. Moreover, this site you can access for free, without conditions!

The way it works is also really easy. Just select the server in the drop-down menu. In that menu, you can select servers from the coolest countries in the world, namely the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States.

You also have several important options, which are:

  • Enabling and disabling cookies
  • Use script options
  • Protection with the 256-bit encryption option
  • Object selection

For details, here are Hide.me full features :

  • Bypass Internet Censorship
  • WiFi Security
  • Global IPTV
  • There are no VPN, Zero and Nada logs
  • Easy setting

Try Hide.me for Free here


9. Zend2


Are you focused on YouTube and Facebook? Now there is Zend2 that can make you surf without limits in these two cool social media. Some web proxies don’t provide this cool feature!

So, you can watch unlimited YouTube videos without fear of having to pay a subscription per month. That is, almost the same as  YouTube Premium. The good news, this service is free for you to try whenever and wherever!

No less with other proxies, you can also adjust the settings yourself:

  • URL encryption
  • Enabling Cookies
  • Enable and disable scripts and objects

Try the Zend2 for Free here


10. NewIPNow


Same as other web proxies, this web also provides free and secure proxy services. Unfortunately, the design is still not interesting like other web sites.

This web is dominated by a blue color complete with a list of IPs that you can scroll down to. Not only that, but this website is also equipped with the important info and feature information.

One of the aspects that we like the most about this web is the message that is delivered. You see, your real IP will continue to be displayed on the main screen.

NewIPNow’s full features:

  • Browsing with an anonymous system
  • Change location freely
  • High security for browser history
  • Start with a new IP

Try NewIPNow for Free here


11. BlewPass


Wearing a mask isn’t just the hackers in the film series. But, browsing can also use a mask!

Even cool, you can already have free access to Reddit and Vimeo! Even so, this web can also filter the internet and firewalls on networks provided by the public, like schools, countries, and even public agencies.

According to the info we found, this website is kept up to date with various websites and loads videos with HTML5 technology. So, you can directly play videos using smartphones and tab.

Not to forget, this web also gives you the freedom to watch all content on YouTube!

BlewPass full features:

  • Integration with social media
  • WebServer from all over the world
  • HTML5

Try BlewPass for Free here

How is this? Ready to access blocked content? Besides having an important role in opening the site, web proxy and VPN can also protect you from unauthorized hacker attacks!

So don’t be surprised if this web proxy and VPN are the main needs of today’s internet users.

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