10 Newbie Mistake in Free Fire that You Should Avoid

A new player will need some adjustment time to understand a game’s mechanics, including Free Fire. new players tend to experiment to understand the game better and veteran players may seem it as something funny.

These are the 10 beginner mistakes that you should avoid so people won’t think of you as a newbie

1. Never Bring a Medkit

Never Bring a Medkit

The first beginner mistake is that new players tend to forget their medkit. Medkit is a crucial item that players need to have by their side at all times, especially in a battle royale game where players can shoot at you from any direction.

That’s why as a beginner, you have to always carry a medkit in your bag. Take a bunch of medkits if possible so you can give them to your teammates.


2. Forget to Consume the Mushroom

Forget to Consume the Mushroom

You often found a mushroom in Free Fire. This mushroom will restore some EP that will regenerate your HP.

New players often forget to consume this crucial item since it’s small and sometimes they think it’s useless. Fyi, you can rely on mushrooms when you run out of medkits.


3. Doesn’t Understand Character’s Ability

Doesn’t Understand Character’s Ability

The third mistake a new Free Fire player often makes is their lack of understanding of the character’s ability. Most of the time new players use a certain character because of the design. When in fact, every character has its pros and cons and some can be used only for a specific role.

Learn their ability first before using them, get used to their ability so you can optimize the ability of those characters.


4. Jumps Too Early

Jumps Too Early

The fourth mistake a newbie often make is that they jump off the plane too quick. You need to see which location is the most strategic before you make your jump so you can get better loots. Doing so will allow you to avoid any unneeded skirmishes with other players and help you last longer in the game.

When you are good at the game, jumping off early will not cause you any trouble since a lot of players choose to get a bunch of kills rather than playing it safe.


5. Forget to Bring Grenades

Forget to Bring Grenades

New players tend to neglect grenades or gloo wall. They often focus on firearms and discard other crucial items. Grandes or gloo walls is crucial for ambushing your enemy or protecting yourself from enemies that are shooting at you.

Start to carry these items from now, it may help you in the later round.


6. Choose Random Weapons

Choose Random Weapons

The next mistake new Free Fire players often make is that they randomly choose a weapon. You need to know the pros and cons of a weapon before using it so you are not at a disadvantage because of your lack of knowledge.

You need to know your playstyle first. If you excel at the close-range, then you can use a weapon like M1014. If you are good in the long-range, then you can use M4A1 or SVD. Choose the weapon that suits your playstyle.


7. Doesn’t Unlock the Skill Slot

Doesn’t Unlock the Skill Slot

New players tend to neglect the character’s skill slot. This skill slot will help you use an active skill or other characters’ passive skill, aiding you during a clash. Make sure to spare your gold to unlock your character’s skill slot.


8. Forget to Upgrade Their Character

Forget to Upgrade Their Character

Not just the skill slot, some players often forget to upgrade their character’s skill. This made the character they are using to be weaker in a battle. To upgrade the skill, you will need to meet the criteria, and that is owning a specific number of fragments.


9. Lousy Looting

Lousy Looting

Next up is their lousy looting method. New players tend to play like they are chased by an unseen monster (in a hurry). However, looting itself is a part of the strategy to help the players survive long enough in the round.

Unfortunately, you miss an attachment or a good weapon because you are not being careful at looting.


10. Always Stay in an Open Space

Stay in an Open Space

The last mistake a new Free Fire player often make is staying out in the open space. This made you an easy target for other players. Avoid being out in the open and stay close to a building for protection.

Those are the 10 newbie mistake that Free Fire players have to avoid. Wait for more information about game sand don’t forget to follow Dunia Games on Facebook and Instagram for more interesting information every day.

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