10 Best Apps to Find New Friends Around You, Even A Soulmate!

Who would dare to deny, that the current social media application seems to have become a necessity that can’t be separated from your daily life?

Every day you definitely spend a few hours to view or even download Instagram Stories or read the Twitter timeline, right?

Not only that, guys! For you who are traveling to a new place, social media can be used to find new acquaintances or friends to talk or travel with, you know.

How come? Here, you can try various recommended apps that best to find new friends near you. Not just friends, they can be your soulmate!

The Best Application to Find Friends Around You, From Acquaintances to Matchmakers!

Provided with applications to find friends around you, it will be easier especially if you have the same interests.

For example, you have the same interests in a specific subject, of course, it will be more “connected” in the chit-chat. And could have started from friends to your soulmate!

So what the best applications on Android and iPhone can you use right now? The following is a complete list of my recommendations

1. Yogrt


First, there is an application called Yogrt. The name is also unique! This application was created to help you find new friends around.

Yogrt also has quite complete features, such as games that can be played together, live streaming features, timelines, and also a collection of funny stickers to colorize the chat room.

There is also a Yogrt Personality Quiz feature to do a personality test that you can play together.

Moreover, this application was developed specifically for users in Indonesia. So of course there will be lots of local content that you can find here!

Yogrt Pros:

  • Full features (live streaming, timeline, group chat) and some games.
  • There is also a personality test quiz.

Yogrt Cons:

  • Crashes often and the support team takes a long time to respond to user complaints.


2. WeChat


Then there is also an application that has a similar like MiChat, namely “WeChat” which is also included in the most popular chat application with more than 100 million downloads.

WeChat has fairly complete features, such as sending text messages, audio, telephone, and also video call services similar to WhatsApp.

To be able to find friends around you, WeChat has a feature called People Nearby to find new friends. Very interesting, right?

WeChat Pros:

  • Full features (text messages, audio, voice, and video calls) such as WhatsApp and other chat applications.

WeChat Cons:

  • Some accounts can be blocked when registering for no apparent reason.


3. Olaa


For you who wanna try the application to find friends around, there is Olaa which is an application by the developer of Olaa Group.

Its main feature is of course to find friends near you by relying on security features to increase the security of its users.

To start a conversation, you just select the profile of the person you want to contact. Use the “Say Hi” feature and wait for the person to reply to the message you sent.

Olaa Pros:

  • The search feature for friends around is quite accurate and you can set it yourself.
  • To start the conversation you just use the “Say Hi” feature.

Olaa Cons:

  • There are no features to block other people’s accounts.


4. LINE: Free Calls & Messages


If WhatsApp only focuses on communication, it’s different in LINE: Free Calls & Messages which has full features for various needs.

Starting from LINE Today to update the latest news, LINE Shopping for you who want to shop, or LINE Jobs to find a job.

To find friends around, you also just take advantage of a feature called People Nearby. Oh yeah, don’t forget to make sure the GPS feature is active to use it.

LINE Pros:

  • Besides People Nearby, there are other features than just chatting (LINE Today, LINE Shopping, LINE Jobs, etc.)
  • Have a collection of thousands of unique and funny stickers.

LINE Cons:

  • Including one of application that takes a lot of smartphone memory.


5. MeetMe


Then there is the application to looking for friends around named MeetMe, which was created specifically to find friends around your area.

You can find new friends, then invite a chat, and share posts in the feed provided in the MeetMe application that has an easy user interface.

Unfortunately compared to other friend-looking apps, MeetMe is still not very popular.

But don’t worry, MeetMe is one of the best Social App apps in the United States with more than 50 million downloads.

MeetMe Pros:

  • Lightweight application with a simple and easy to use user interface.
  • There is a filter to block users who want to upload pornographic content.

MeetMe Cons:

  • Less popular and has no other supporting features.


6. Tinder


Wanna find something more than friends? Tinder might be able to make you find your partner in real life?

Well, you can use the Tinder application which is already known as one of the online dating applications that can detect other people around you.

In this application, you can search for people based on location or closest distance. So, Just Try It!

Tinder Pro:

  • Most popular and already has so many users.
  • It can be used to find close friends or match as well.

Tinder Cons:

  • Limited features for free users, must use Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold features.


7. Badoo


There is still an application to find friends around like Tinder named Badoo, made as an application to find friends who can be invited to date together.

This App have been downloaded more than 100 million and the users will offer a complete profile of their targeted partner. So, you must try this application.

Badoo Pros:

  • Already have a fairly large user base and can be used to find friends or a mate.
  • Already available in a display with a variety of language choices.

Badoo cons:

  • Need to pay a sum of money for chatting with people around.


8. Tantan


Getting crazy because of many unmatched friends? You should try Tantan, a good application in 2020 for you who wanna find a friend or more than that.

If you like them, you can just swipe right and if you don’t, just swipe left. Really easy, right?

Moreover, this application also has an Ice Breaking feature that will test your compatibility by answering 10 random questions.

The more answers the same, it means that your friendship is getting matcher. And maybe you two can be more than just friends.

Tantan Pros:

  • The friend selection feature is so easy and interactive.
  • Navigation is quite easy using swipe left or right.

Tantan Cons:

  • Prone to fake accounts and there are bugs in the profile photo settings.


9. SayHi


The next recommended application for finding friends around online is SayHi, which of course you can download it for free.

Here, you can find fellow by expressing yourself through video chat, text messages, even voice messages. Oh yeah, just like any other application i said earlier, you must be careful of many fake accounts there.

SayHi pros:

  • Easy to find new friends and chat.

SayHi Cons:

  • There is a fake account that makes users have to be careful.


10. MiChat


Finally, there is the MiChat application that is specifically designed to find people around you and can even find someone special.

This free chat application has a feature called Message in a Bottle, where you can read messages from someone special at random.

Message in a Bottle itself supports text, voice, and video messages. You can also use the Nearby Users feature to find new people around you.

MiChat Pros:

  • Available full features (text messages, voice, and video calls) as well as Bottle Message to get random messages.
  • Some of the most interactive features compared to other search applications.

MiChat Cons:

  • Many accounts get banned, because registering for unclear purposes.

Due to the negative behavior of its users, some of the recommendation apps above are also labeled as “booking out” apps. Stay aware of the dangers of fraud and abuse for adult content while using it.

Well, that’s the recommended Apps that you must try if you wanna find friends around, or if you were lucky, maybe you can find your soulmate.

And well, don’t forget to be careful when you meet someone you just know. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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