10 Best Apps and Websites to Find Apartments and Dorms

10 Best Apps and Websites to Find Apartments and Dorms

 Apps and Websites to Find Apartments and Dorms 

Apartments and dorms are indeed contemporary housing options for students who migrate out of town or office workers who want to live near their workplaces.

Usually, students who migrate and live in new cities don’t know anything. It becomes a challenge to find a place to live in. Office workers certainly don’t have time to go around looking for it.

Fortunately, now isn’t the time to go around finding dorms unit or apartment that you want.

There are many applications and websites to find apartments or boarding houses that will make it easier for you to make choices without wasting time.

10 Best Apps and Websites to Find Apartments and Boarding Houses

Well, here are 10 best apps and websites to find apartments and Dorms that you can use whenever and wherever you want.

1. Sewa-apartemen.net

Rent Jakarta Apartments

First, there is sewa-apartemen.net website. On this site, you can find many choices of great apartments at affordable prices, from Jakarta apartments to many apartments in other cities.

The choice of apartments is also comprehensive, so you can choose an apartment that easily suits you.


2. Mamikos

Rent Apartments and Dorm By Mamikos App

You can find boarding houses in almost all regions in Indonesia via mamikos. The Mamikos team also checks and surveys the dorms in the app to be recommended to you.

So, mamikos guarantees a detailed description of the dorms on the website following its original conditions. Not only dorms, you know, through Mamikos you can also find and rent monthly apartments.

For those of you who don’t have the application, you can download it directly from the Play Store and Apps Store, or go directly to the website to find the unit!

3. Jendela 360

best apps and websites to find apartments Jendela360

Jendela 360 is one of the apartment marketplaces that carry advanced technology to make it easier for you to choose and find your ideal apartment

Through Jendela 360, you no longer need to survey the apartment location you want to see.

You can see all the details of the contents of the apartment room via a computer or smartphone screen with 360 and VR camera technology on the website.

Through this technology, it is guaranteed that you won’t miss any details and feel like do the survey or visit the location itself


4. Travelio

Travelio Rent Apartments, Villas & Houses

If you are looking for a boarding house or a fully furnished apartment, yes, Travelio.com is one of the right websites.

Here you can also choose various options for apartment rental terms, from daily, monthly, annually.

Travelio.com is also quite complete if you are looking for boarding houses or apartments from many locations.


5. OLX

OLX App To Rent Boarding House and Apartment

This marketplace does provide various categories for users to sell or buy all their needs.

One of the most frequently visited categories of the OLX website and app is the boarding houses category.

The boarding houses offered at OLX itself modify, from various types of prices to quality. The location is also quite comprehensive.

Well, for those of you who don’t have the app, you can download it directly on the Play Store and Apps Store, or go directly to the website to find the unit of your choice.


6. 99.co

99.co Best Apps to Find Apartments and Dorms

Besides buying and selling properties such as houses or apartments, from the 99.co property marketplace website you can also find various boarding houses or apartments for rent.

99.co also has its application which can be downloaded on Google Playstore or iOS Apps Store.

In this app, you can get more detailed information such as price ranges, building specifications, public facilities near boarding houses, and boarding rental ranges.

7. Spacestock

Spacestock Best Websites to Find Apartments and Dorms

Similar to 99.co, yes, Spacestock is one of the most complete properties buying and selling marketplaces.

You will easily find various property units for the Jabodetabek area on their website. In addition to buying and selling properties such as homes and offices, you also use Spacestock to find apartments to rent.


8. Sewa-rumah.net

Sewa-rumah.net Best Website For Housing

Sewa-rumah.net is a property rent marketplace that has been around for a long time in Indonesia. This website is suitable for those of you who are looking for long-term or short-term housing.

There are also many locations of the property, especially houses in Indonesia at affordable prices that can be suitable for your needs. So, for those of you who wanna immediately see the various units offered as a whole, just visit their website.


9. Lamudi

Lamudi Best Websites to Find Apartments and Dorms

As a property marketplace, here, Lamudi isn’t just a place to buy and sell or rent houses. On the website and its app, which are available on the Google Play Store and iOS Apps Store, you can find commercial property, land, to apartments.

Lamudi makes it easy for you to find apartments to buy or rent through the website and its application for smartphones. The locations offered on the website are also intact.


10. Kostjakarta.com

Kostjakarta.com is the best Website To find Kost in Jakarta

Wanna find kost in Jakarta and its surroundings? then, kostjakarta.com is the right choice for you. This website is very useful for those of you, especially those who are still students and are looking for a place and rent kost in Jakarta.

Kostjakarta.com is a site for the beginning of your comfortable life. They provide you the easiest way to find your Kost now!

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